Traveling around moods, flying among feelings, showing some sides that you’ve hidden. Thoughts, wishes, requests, desires… Here I’m looking through the mirror to let express my B-side.

When I listened Vinyl I was so interested about the B-Sides. Why choose those songs in particular. Why not put those piece in front…

I wanted to draw a parallel between this concept and people facets. To show that sometimes wether we want it or not, situations, people or culture make us hide our feelings our opinions.

I’m so glad to introduce you my new album « B-Side ». In this album I’ve choose to record everything in Live with the Trio, to catch all the emotions directly without filter.

In those songs I’m playing with different atmosphere to travel between moods, based on rhythm, breaks, groove and stories.

I’ve work a lot on myself to figure it out how to express my B-Side. Each songs are though like a piece of a diary, or anonymous letter that I’ve tried to put on music.

Sometimes everything is more simple after you’ve said it. And sometimes it’s easier to play and sing them.

In this cover as in those songs you can choose the direction of the reading. You can choose to watch in the mirror or in the eyes. And you can choose to dive into your B-side.

Art direction : Mathilde Leclerc

Photography : Hadrien Besse

Produced by La NOTE BLEUE Productions